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Summer 2024 is here but is Pakistani skin ready for it? With so many  skincare treatments being offered in Lahore and other big cities, it can be a little confusing to pick the best. Choosing between the dermatologist recommended HydraFacial and age old beauty parlour bleach facials? Both claim to make your skin look better, but which facial for glowing skin is really the best for summer? 

Read on to find out!

What is HydraFacial?

The ultimate water charged Hydrafacial makes your skin look amazing by refreshing and hydrating it like never before. With its special Vortex-Fusion technology, it does exfoliation, extraction, and hydration all at once.

No need to wait forever for results like with regular facials – HydraFacial gives you quick satisfaction with smoother skin, even tone, and a radiant glow.

“Glowing through the heat, HydraFacial is the ultimate skin treat!”

7 Super HydraFacial Benefits For Summers 2024

  • Deep Cleansing + Scrubbing 

I start off Lahore’s favourite facial for glowing skin with a gentle, yet thorough cleansing to whisk away impurities, extra oil, and those stubborn dead skin cells from your skin’s surface. Then comes the power of our advanced vortex technology, which simultaneously exfoliates, revealing a bright new layer of skin cells underneath.

This deep cleanse is especially crucial, especially in the summer months when sweat and environmental pollutants can wreak havoc on your pores, potentially causing those dreaded breakouts.

  • Hydration Boost

During the summer months, high temperatures can cause skin dehydration, leading to dry, dull looking skin that also flakes. If you are looking for a facial for glowing skin in summer, pick HydraFacial tackles this issue by providing intense hydration that penetrates deep into the skin. 

According to a study published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, higher temperatures and humidity levels during the summer might cause your skin to lose more water.

This could lead to dehydration and might affect your skin barrier’s ability to protect you.

Dr Hamdah and I prefer to use patented serums that effectively restores moisture and revives a youthful glow. By hydrating the skin from the inside out, this treatment ensures that your skin retains optimal moisture levels even in the toughest summer conditions.

  • Making Lines and Wrinkles Look Less Obvious

One of its standout features is how Glow & GO Aesthetic Clinic’s water charged facial targets those visible fine lines and wrinkles. 

What makes it special? 

Well, it’s all about the combination of peptides and growth factors that I use in the treatment. They work together to boost collagen production, making your skin more elastic and firm.

I, as an aesthetic and skincare expert, highly recommend multiple sessions if you are tired of seeing aging signs and dull skin because it can really make a difference! 

  • Fixing Harm from the Sun

We cannot hide from the sun. But we can protect the skin and repair the sun damage by using sunscreen before going out and enjoy a water facial done by not your ‘beauty parlour aunty’!

Sun’s UV rays can cause various issues like sunburn, hyperpigmentation, and premature aging. Most men and college girls and boys complain about their skin problems due to sun exposure.

Our HydraFacial uses special formulas packed with antioxidants and peptides. These ingredients work wonders by repairing and shielding your skin from sun damage. How?

They do this by neutralizing those harmful free radicals and encouraging your skin cells to regenerate.

Here is good news too! With regular sessions, you can actually reverse the effects of sun exposure. 

  • Managing oil and acne. 

Summer’s heat can sometimes be a bit tough on our skin, right? It can make your skin produce more oil, leading to that unwanted shine and those acne breakouts. 

But when you book your HydraFacial treatment, the dr skin specialist gently removes all that excess oil and impurities from your skin’s surface. 

That means no more clogged pores and no more breakouts ruining your day!

  • Get Real Time Results Without Any Waiting

Unlike some other treatments, such as chemical peel, the HydraFacial does not need any downtime. That means you can see results quickly without having to wait for your skin to recover.

Many men and women after their HydraFacial session at Glow & GO Lahore Skin Clinic say that their skin feels wonderfully hydrated, refreshed, and just overall better immediately. It is perfect for those of us with busy schedules who still want effective skincare. 

So, whether you have a special event coming up, a business dinner, friend’s dholki or just want to treat yourself, the HydraFacial is your go-to.

Exploring Typical Salon Facial

Do you know what your favourite salon facial offers you?

Regular salon facials are the most common skin beautifying treatments offered at men and women salons.

They usually include things like getting rid of dirt from the skin, using steam, and putting on masks for different skin problems. 

Yes, these facials can help you feel relaxed and make your skin better for a very short time. 

The sad part is that they might not give you lasting results or fix many skin problems at once.

So, what is the real difference between a professional HydraFacial at an aesthetic clinic and the one done at your nearby beauty parlour?

Let’s find out!

Comparing HydraFacial with Traditional Facials


Features HydraFacial Old Salon Facial
Deep Cleansing Uses special suction and vortex tech to clean your pores deeply. It gets rid of dirt and junk Normal salon facials use hands to clean and steam. But they might not go as deep, so they might not clean everything out.
Hydration & Nourishment Gives your skin special serums with hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and peptides. 

These help to hydrate your skin and make it healthier by renewing your skin cells. 

Regular facials might moisturise your skin for a bit, but they don’t have these special mixes that can target your specific skin issues such as sun damage, dull skin and more.
Results Makes your skin look better. It helps with how smooth, even, and clear your skin looks after just one time. 

The effects can stick around for weeks. 

Normal facials make you feel relaxed right away and give your skin a temporary shine. 

But they might not help your skin for a long time or fix deeper skin problems.

Comfort & Convenience It is a nice and gentle way to care for your skin because it does not hurt, and you do not need to take a break afterwards. 

It is good for everyone, no matter what your skin is like or how old you are.

Regular facials at salons might make you feel a bit uncomfortable when they remove dirt and grime from your skin. 

And sometimes, your skin might get red or irritated, so you have to wait before going back to your normal routine. 

Because of this, some people might not like them as much.

Why Choose HydraFacial for Glowing Skin In Summers?


In the summer, your skin needs extra care because it goes through so much stress due to the sun’s damaging UV rays, urban pollution, sweat, makeup, and smoke. 

  • It cleans deeply to get rid of sweat, sunscreen leftovers, and dirt that can block pores and cause pimples.
  • HydraFacial treatment moisturises a lot to fight against dry skin from the sun and keep the skin moist.
  • It protects with strong antioxidants to stop damage from the sun and aging.
  • This facial is recommended for both men and women and can be customised to help with different skin problems like sunspots, dark spots, and uneven skin.

Best for Both, Males & Females

Who says that facials are meant for ladies when both men and women have skin to take care of and a desire to look good and feel confident about themselves?

Why Do Men Need It? 

best hydrafacial in Lahore and aesthetic clinic near me

  • Painful Razor Burns and Ingrown Hairs:

Getting razor burn and ingrown hairs can be annoying, especially for guys who shave a lot. On the other hand, a powerful HydraFacial gently exfoliates your skin and removes dirt and dead cells blocking your pores. This means fewer ingrown hairs and smoother skin after shaving. So, no more irritation! 

  • Struggle Free Way To Defy Aging Signs

This skin hydrating and brightening treatment offers a revolutionary solution for men seeking to correct aging signs. With its advanced technology, Hydrafacial at Glow & GO skin care clinic Lahore targets fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone, leaving you with a fresh looking and youthful complexion. 

Why Do Ladies Need It Even More?

  • Skin Clogging Makeup

Ladies absolutely love wearing makeup, and some of us are also guilty of going to bed with a full face on, right? Makeup can make us look better, but it can also cause problems if we do not respect our skin’s right to breathe! 

Foundations, concealers, primers can block the pores and make your skin feel congested especially if you do take it off properly. That is when HydraFacial comes in.

The Vortex-technology infused treatment deep cleanses your clogged pores and adds moisture back in for a seamless makeup application.

  • Dealing with Dark Spots and Sun Damage

You will not believe it if we tell you that hyperpigmentation and sun damage is so common among women in Pakistan. Moreover, many young ladies have to deal with sunspots and uneven skin color, which can be annoying. It happens a lot, especially when hormones change and spending time in the sun increases over the years.

But there is good news: HydraFacial can help! We use Signature HydraFacial steps, including exfoliation, extraction, and infusion of potent antioxidants to lighten those dark spots and stop more damage. 

The result? Your skin looks more even toned and glowing. 

What Do Glow & GO Dermatologist Recommends? Dr Hamdah best dermatologist in lahore

When it comes to skincare, Hydrafacial is a real game changer, and we have an expert to testify to the hydrafacial benefits. 

Dr Hamdah Aftab, a consultant Dermatologist, Aesthetic Physician & Surgeon at Glow & GO Laser and Skin Clinic believes that Hydrafacial can totally transform your skin and give it that extra boost of vitality.

In fact, she herself signs up for weekly hydrafacial sessions to keep her skin clean and youthful without going back to those typical salon facials that do not work so well.

So ladies and gentlemen! We have just spilled the beans behind a skin expert’s ultimate glow…a must have HydraFacial. (Take notes)

Skin Specialist’s Verdict: Hydrafacial for Summer Skincare Success

Summer is here, and that means skin problems like sunburns, oily areas on your face, and trying hard to have perfect skin. It also calls for a perfect facial for summer time. HydraFacial only at a skin care clinic, done by the best skin specialist in Lahore.

Think of it like a ‘super essential skincare step’ that rehydrates and adds life to your thirsty, dull looking skin. Hydrafacial is a fantastic way to take care of your skin. Whether you are dealing with clogged pores, dryness, or sun damage, team Glow & GO Aesthetic Clinic Lahore has got your back. 

A water charged facial for glowing skin and ideal for both men and women. 

Book a treat for your skin once a week, for a complexion that looks fresh, clean and sleek!

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