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Aging is the worst nightmare of every man and woman. Nobody wants to look older and unattractive obviously. But, hey, hang on for a moment. Do you know about the amazing benefits of Collagen boosting skin treatments and supplements? They can delay aging?! Collagen for skin can make all your aging worries vanish.

Wondering What Is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the human body. It is found in the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons. The word collagen comes from the Greek language and means ‘glue’. It plays an important role in holding the body cells together.

Do You Know? 

After the age of 20, a person produces about 1% less collagen in their skin each year.

Collagen For Skin Its Benefits

Your skin gets multiple benefits from collagen. From 

  • Great For Skin Elasticity & Hydration

Collagen increases your skin elasticity, giving you smooth, wrinkle-free skin. It also refreshes your skin’s dehydrated state.collagen benefits

  • Remarkable Moisturizing Effects

Collagen can help revive the skin’s surface and improve your current complexion. It moisturises and makes the skin look healthy and young.

  • Promotes Wound Healing

Collagen serves as the basis of your skin and is necessary for the growth of new skin tissues. It promotes both scar prevention and skin repair.

  • Restores Damage From Sun Exposure

Collagen can help restore damage from the sun and other environmental factors. Protect the collagen you have with sunscreen the original anti-aging product.

·     Fixes Your Skin’s Imperfections

Collagen is required to protect against and treat your stretch marks. Moreover, it reduces the discoloration and sagging look of your skin.


According to a research published in the International Journal of Dermatology, hydrolyzed collagen supplements show favorable results. In terms of skin hydration, elasticity, and wrinkles. Another way to take collagen is marine collagen.


According to Havard School Of Public Health Collagen helps to make tissues strong and resilient. Hence is vital to human skin.

How Would You Know That Your Collagen Is Low?

You have no idea? It’s okay. Glow & GO experts are here to help!

low levels of collagen for skin

When you start showing signs like:

then your collagen levels are seriously low and you must do something right away to save your skin!

3 Super Treatments To Promote Collagen For Skin

·     MicroneedlingThe Ultimate Solution For Aging Skin

 Microneedling is a Collagen Induction Therapy. It works by encouraging your skin to make more collagen. The skin responds to this treatment by making new collagen rich tissues. 

·     PRPThe Dermatologist’s Favorite

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy can reverse years of skin damage in just one session. This super favorite treatment increases your skin’s own collagen production

·         Profhilo The Groundbreaking Anti-aging Treatment

Profhilo is a skin reconstruction procedure. It is for the skin that lacks volume and flexibility. The best part is that it encourages the synthesis of collagen and elastin, giving you a youthful look.

Clinically Approved Skincare to Boost Collagen For Skin

1.  Stimulate MP

Innovative anti-aging and collagen-boosting serum called Stimulate MP. This multi-peptiVitamin C-serum for collagende serum has a mixture of collagen peptides that are good to fight the main signs of aging.

2.  Revitalize C20

Revitalize C20, or Vitamin C serum promotes the formation of collagen. Hyaluronic Acid used in this serum helps in repairing your skin. Hence it gives life to your skin.

The Wrap-Up

There you have it! These important skin protein benefits are for both men and women.

Fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C are great for healthier-looking skin.

Moreover, a good skincare routine that includes sun protection, as well as enough beauty sleep, is an absolute essential. 

Get A Youthful Glow At Glow & Go!

Skin Specialists at Glow & Go Pakistan know your skin better than you do. So no need to overthink. Just book yourself an appointment today to get the best collagen for skin treatments.

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