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Who would you choose for your skin? Beautician or dermatologist? If you don’t want to harm your skin, see a dermatologist. Just as you always select an expert for every job. Your first choice should never be a beautician if you have skin issues. Want to know why? Keep reading! 

“Your skin is an investment, not an expense”

So, Who Is A Dermatologist? dermatologist

A dermatologist is also known as a skin expert.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, a dermatologist is someone who deals with problems related to the skin, hair, and nails and provides the appropriate treatments.

  1. Dermatologists are responsible for your skin health.
  2. Dermatological duties include taking consultations and providing screening tests. In addition, they undertake surgical and non-surgical procedures.  


Who Is A Beautician?beautician v/s dermatologist

A beautician is also known as a skincare specialist.

It is their responsibility to make you look beautiful at any special event.

  1. A skincare specialist offers treatments to improve the outer layer of your skin.
  2. Skincare specialists clean, exfoliate and moisturize skin. Further, they provide other treatments such as waxing, beauty facials, and make-up application.

Key Differences Between Dermatologists & Beauticians

1. A Skin Specialist V/S a SkinCare Specialist

  • A skin specialist focuses on maintaining skin health.
  • On the other hand, a skincare specialist offers guidance in improving the look of your skin.

2. Training & Education


  • Attends college and medical school and then completes a residency.
  • Moreover, they have 12 to 14 years or more of advanced education. Further, they have intense medical training under their belts.

Whereas, Beautician’s 

  • Training is a maximum of six months to one year. 
  • They typically take a one- or two-year course. Meanwhile, the course focuses on skincare, facials, and grooming services.

 3. License To Prescribe Medications

Dermatologists are your skin’s best friends. They are qualified to diagnose and treat your skin. So, they can recommend oral medications to treat your skin disorders.

However, Beauticians have limited knowledge. They cannot advise you on any topical or oral medications. So, they only provide aesthetic services concerned with the outer skin.

4. Procedures They Can Perform

Dermatologists can:

  • Offer to counsel, diagnose and treat your skin conditions.
  • Secondly, provide treatments such as Botox treatment or Lip fillers if they are trained in aesthetic medicine

On the other hand, Beauticians do not have any medical training. Therefore, they typically cannot perform any kind of surgical or non-surgical treatments.

However, Beauticians can do skin treatments, waxing, exfoliation, and makeup application. 

5. Where They Practise.

You can find your Skin Specialist at private skincare clinics like Glow & Go or hospitals as well.

Whereas, to enjoy a great facial or a relaxing massage you can find your Beauticians at salons or spas.

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Top Three Reasons To See A Dermatologist Next Time

1. Get Skin Treatments That Actually Work

Only a dermatologist can address the underlying issues and certainly can provide powerful skin treatments.

2. Hair Mesotherapy Treatment — For Hair Loss Worries 

Worrying over thinning hairline and dreaded hair fall? Hair Mesotherapy by a dermatologist is all you need to reduce hair fall and restore growth.

3. A Skin Specialist For Safe Treatment

You can get safe and effectively handled treatment only from a skin specialist. However, no beautician can promise you 100% results.

best dermatologist in lahore

Final Word — Always Trust Your Skin Specialist!

All you need is a skin specialist for all your skin problems. So, don’t be fooled by Beautician’s false hopes.

In short, you will have no regrets if you consult a dermatologist! 


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