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As we look forward to Eid ul Azha, everyone is excited. People are busy getting ready. From choosing what to sacrifice and planning delicious meals. But, do not let the hustle and bustle of your preparations dull your glow especially in June. Team Glow & GO Skin Care Clinic Lahore has designed a perfect 5-days of skin boosting plan to make you shine this ‘Meaty Eid’!

First thing first!

Why does your skin need attention on Eid ul Azha? 

Good question…and we have even a better answer! 

Here is why…

As June brings on the heat, preparing for the Bari eid becomes more than just a celebration—it can feel like quite a task, especially for your skin. 

With the sun shining down, our skin deserves some extra care and attention. That is where visiting a skin clinic for professional treatments really comes in handy.

Top 5 Reasons To Get Skin Treatments Just Before Eid Ul Azha

✅Deep Cleanse for Ultimate Freshness

Professional treatments carried out by skin specialist, Dr Haiqa  work wonders by deeply penetrating your skin’s layers, thanks to the VORTEX-INFUSED Technology, effectively removing all the dirt, oil, and impurities that have built up over time. 

This special deep cleansing ritual is not just about getting rid of the grime; it is in fact about rejuvenating your skin from within.

Just think about it. Your skin being recharged and refreshed, ready to radiate its natural glow, especially during those special festive moments of meaty. That is what our Gulberg Skin Clinic’ deep cleansing does for you!

✅Acne Free Complexion Before Big Day best acne treatment in lahore

When it gets hotter, our skin starts pumping out more sweat and oil, which can cause those annoying breakouts. 

But no sweat! Professional treatments are here to save the day. They do wonders by unclogging those pesky pores, soothing any redness or irritation, and even preventing future breakouts.

✅Fight Sun Damage + Summer Tan

Did that too much time in the sun cause sun tan and dull skin?

Dealing with the intense June sun in Pakistan can lead to skin issues like sun spots and uneven pigmentation. Relax.

 There are professional treatments available at our Lahore clinic to effectively tackle these concerns. Even in the scorching weather, you can safely rely on skin whitening drips to help with tan lines and uneven skin tone, ensuring you look flawless for your Eid celebrations. 

✅Nail Your Eid Selfies

Photography and selfies  are such a big part of Eid celebrations, isn’t it?

Families love capturing those special moments to hold onto and share with their loved ones on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok

Working as a dermatologist and dealing with so many patients, I understand the ultimate wish to look and feel your best in those photos. 

That is why some men and women especially in their 20’s and 30’s go for a skin brightening treatment before Eid ul Azha. 

It helps give them that extra boost of confidence, leaving their skin looking clear and radiant, perfect for any lighting conditions.

✅Eid Vibes, Confidence High

Feeling good in your own skin is what it is all about, right? 

That’s where a skin doctor comes in! Glow & GO laser and skin clinic only offers quality treatments, targeting all those unwanted issues like acne, wrinkles, or uneven skin tone. 

When men and women invest in their skin’s health and look, especially in a Pakistani climate, you are not just boosting your confidence, you are glowing inside and out. 

And trust us, during Eid ul Azha festivities, you will be shining brighter than ever! 

So, we know how it goes during Meethi Eid, right? Lots of hanging out, socialising, and trying to look our best. 

But hold up, let’s not forget about Eid ul Azha coming up next. 

Here’s what’s on the agenda:

  1. Day Two hangouts with friends and fam: Perfect for chilling over lunches and catching up.
  2. Day Three BBQs and tikka parties: Time to feast and have a blast with your circle.
  3. Back to work after the long weekend: The need to look all put together and fresh at work, after a long holiday.

Ok, now that we know why you MUST book skin treatments right away, the next super important question is…Doctor, what should I do to look my best this Eid?


The Need of Professional Skin Treatments

Listen To Your Skin Specialist’s Skin Care Tips

Ladies and gentlemen, professional skin treatments are not just pampering sessions; they are essential investments in your skin’s health and beauty. 

As an experienced skin doctor, I have designed these skin care tips to address common issues such as acne, aging, and melasma, loose skin.

So, why settle for generic solutions when you can experience exceptional results with expert care?

Day 1: HydraFacial Treatment

Start your Eid ul Azha skin care plan the right way with HydraFacial Treatment

best hydrafacial treatment in Lahore

During this treatment, our dermatologist in Lahore deeply cleanses your skin, gently exfoliates, and unclog those clogged pores to leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Think of it as giving your skin a blank canvas, ready to soak in all the goodness from our 12-step HydraFacial sessions.

Now, let’s talk about the HydraFacial benefits:

  1. Deep Cleansing: Pulls out impurities and dead skin cells, revealing your skin’s natural glow.
  2. Intense Hydration: Your skin will be treated to a nourishing infusion of hydrating serums, leaving it feeling soft and supple.
  3. Immediate Glow: Get ready to shine! Our HydraFacial treatment will leave you with an instant radiant look that will have you feeling confident and beautiful.

Day 2: Botox or Dermal Fillers

Thinking about smoothing out those worry lines with Botox or adding some plumpness to your lips with dermal fillers? Well it is a great choice! 

Once you are all set with the right treatment, you will be ready to step into any gathering or BBQ party with confidence, looking and feeling your best in those selfies and group photos without fake filters. 

Chin fillers for face cut

Benefits of Botox and Dermal Fillers:

Dermal fillers work wonders, adding volume to lips, cheeks, and even smoothing under-eye hollows for a more younger look..

✅Botox is amazing for reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles by blocking nerve signals to muscles, preventing them from contracting.

✅Plus, the Botox treatment is super quick, usually taking less than 30 minutes.

✅With hyaluronic acid fillers, my patients see immediate results that keep getting better over the next few days.

✅At Glow & GO aesthetic clinic, our filler results typically last anywhere from six months to two years, depending on the type of filler used.

Day 3: Chemical Peel

Revive your skin by Day Three with a Chemical Peel. This treatment works wonders by using a special blend of fruit acids to gently exfoliate your skin’s outer layer, unveiling a brighter, more youthful-looking you underneath. Think of it like peeling away to old skin and revealing a fresh, radiant glow!

Now, let’s dive into the favourite benefits of our Chemical Peels:

Reduces Blemishes: Say farewell to those pesky dark spots and blemishes

Smooths Skin Texture: Wave goodbye to rough patches and hello to silky-smooth skin.

Boosts Collagen Production: Say hello to firmer, more elastic skin as we stimulate collagen production.

Day 4: Laser Hair Removal

As Eid ul Azha draws near, team Glow & GO laser and skin clinic noticed a growing demand in laser hair removal treatment from ladies and even men looking to spruce up their all over look and quality of their skin. 

Getting laser hair removal a week before Eid ul Azha can really help you feel your best during the festivities. It offers long-lasting results, so you can enjoy the celebrations with confidence and ease.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

Permanent Reduction in Hair Growth

Precision and Time-Saving

Minimal To No Discomfort.

Comfort and Confidence

Safety and Efficiency

Day 6: Antioxidant Rich Skin Whitening Drips

The skincare products you apply focus only on the surface of your skin, and so, it works slowly…very slowly actually. Well, skin whitening drips are a bit different. They work from the inside out! By sending a powerful mix of antioxidants such as Glutathione straight into your bloodstream, this glow boosting treatment gives your skin cells the TLC they deserve, making them healthy and radiant.

Now, why might you consider getting a skin whitening drip a week before Eid? It is not just about reducing pigmentation, dark spots, and blemishes – although it does help with that too! It also makes your skin overall smoother and clearer, giving you a lovely, luminous complexion.

Enhanced Skin care Results

Natural Glow Inside & Out

Confidence Boost
Long-Term Benefits

And that’s all! Now you can leave the stress of your Eid ul Azha skincare up to us!

Meaty Eid Mubarak!

Eid ul Azha is almost here, and it is not just about the fancy dress ups or the mouth watering Biryanis and BBQs. It is also about feeling your best and confident. Just think about stepping into the Bari Eid celebrations and gatherings with a glowing skin, that makes your friends compliment you right away.

A dedicated 5-day treatment plan and skin care tips at Glow & GO Skin Care Clinic can make this a reality. Hurry up and visit us at our Gulberg Clinic and get your skin tuned up with limited time Eid Discounts.

Fresh and confident look is the best accessory in 2024!

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