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Do you have unpleasant dark patches or spots on your face? Are you hiding your dark spots under the cover of a concealer? Then, you need a melasma treatment. 

This skin condition ranks fairly high on the list of Pakistan’s most widespread but lasting skin issues. According to a study, this type of skin discolouration affects about 46% of women in Pakistan. It commonly affects women with medium to dark skin tones. Additionally, when a woman is pregnant or begins using birth control pills, she can notice developing melasma.

Though this skin disorder is harmless, it may also affect your self-confidence. But you no longer need to hide your face under a thick layer of concealer or foundation. Or cover your face in a veil so no one can see these unappealing patches.  Radiate your clean, spotless, and glowing skin with PRP treatment for Melasma, aka Vampire Facial!

What Is Melasma?

When your skin colour cells overproduce melanin, it results in hyperpigmentation commonly on your face. This skin discoloration appears in the form of brown, blue-grey dots or patches that resemble freckles. These are the most common signs of melasma. It’s often called the “mask of pregnancy” since it usually occurs during pregnancy.

Such freckle-like spots may appear on your cheekbones, forehead, chin, and upper lip. However, it can appear on other body parts more exposed to UV rays or sunlight.


Causes Of Skin Discoloration

Melasma is commonly caused by the malfunctioning of melanocytes, the skin’s pigment-producing cells.

Therefore, people with light brown to deeper skin tones are more prone to developing melasma than lighter skin tones.

Some of the other factors include:

  •       Use of oral contraceptives or birth control pills having progesterone and estrogen.
  •       Genes
  •       Increase in hormonal production during pregnancy
  •       Frequent sun exposure can trigger melasma

Though the real cause of melasma is still a mystery, it’s treatable! You can consult skin specialists who diagnose this condition and give you suitable treatment.

Melasma brought on by hormonal changes, such as those that take place during pregnancy, will go away after delivery. Your skin specialist may advise using sun protection creams with an SPF 30 or above.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – Does It Treat Melasma?

The answer is yes! It effectively treats melasma. A research study showed that PRP is highly effective and safe when used alone or with other treatments.

PRP, known as Platelet-Rich Plasma, uses the body’s natural growth factors and healing properties to rejuvenate skin. One of the body’s strongest growth elements is found in PRP’s platelets. The PRP is injected into the infected area of the skin. The presence of your growth and healing elements in the plasma gradually fades away these dark spots.

Benefits Of The Popular Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy 

  •       PRP for Melasma, unlike IPL, Fraxel, or other procedures, won’t worsen the skin condition.
  •       Studies show that PRP restricts melanin production in your skin, reducing further discoloration
  •       You can combine PRP with other skin treatments boosting its efficiency.
  •       Moreover, it is an amazing anti-ageing treatment for men and women

Is PRP The Future Of Melasma Treatment?

PRP (Vampire Facial) for melasma is still under research. However, men & women seeking other treatments for this skin condition would be happy by the present research. A promising one!

You can contact experienced skin clinics in Lahore and Islamabad to explore if a platelet facial is an option for you. Using PRP therapy seriously improves your complexion and helps you regain your confidence.

No More Melasma Drama At Glow & Go

Dark patches or spots can lower your self-esteem regardless of age or gender. If you are also tired of this unwanted skin condition, don’t worry! Our dermatologists at Glow & Go will evaluate your skin and have a thorough consultation with you. 


We’ll tailor a unique PRP for a melasma treatment plan for your skin type. So you can confidently show off your glowing, clear and radiant skin!

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