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Warts can be stubborn. Wart might cause discomfort, and can spread or grow if not treated on time. They are contiguous; thus, it is important to take effective measures to remove them quickly.

Therefore it becomes significant to see a dermatologist to treat them effectively through different treatments according to the patient’s condition.

What Is A Wart?


Wart Treatment in PakistanWarts are small, painless lumps on the skin resulting from a virus or infection, referred to as the human papillomavirus (HPV). 

Skin coloured bumps appear on the skin due to this infection. 

Warts can differ in looks; they can emerge in various shapes and sizes. Moreover, the wart can occur alone or in clusters. However, some warts have higher chances to affect specific parts of the body. 

However, a wart is non cancerous, but on the other hand, they are contagious, which means warts can quickly spread if you come in contact with someone who is already suffering from this disease.

Warts most often appear on the hand, but they can also affect other body areas, including knees, face, feet, and genitals.

 However, the category of wart is determined by where it is located and its appearance. Furthermore, warts usually affect children and teenagers more as compared to adults. 

What Causes Warts?

There are various reasons which cause a wart. Skin warts can be contagious

The infection can be transmitted easily from one person to another or from one area of the body to another if you touch warts directly, coming in contact with something infected by the virus, including towels, shower floors, shaving, nail biting, etc.

Who Is At Greater Risk For Developing Warts?

Warts can affect everyone, but children are more vulnerable to warts due to frequent cuts they might get. 

Moreover, on the other hand, people who suffer from autoimmune disease or weak immune systems might also suffer from warts, especially elders are more vulnerable to the virus that leads to warts.

Why Wart Treatment Is The Best Option To Consider?

wart anatomy

Wart removal becomes easy with the treatments. However, common warts might fade away on their own without treatment, but it might take a year or two, and new warts might appear nearby.

Warts are uncomfortable, harmful and usually spread to the other parts of your body; thus, people want to get rid of them quickly as possible.

Furthermore, most people prefer to have their warts treated by a skin specialist or doctors if the home remedies are ineffective or not working. 

In addition, the overall aim of wart treatment is to remove the wart and stimulate an immune system response to overcome the infection. 

Moreover, the procedure may take several weeks or months. However, there are possibilities that warts can spread or come back after the treatment.

Doctors usually choose a less painful technique to treat warts. 

Doctors normally recommend wart removal treatments based on the area where it is located, according to the symptoms and patients’ choices. 

Furthermore, wart medicine and wart removal cream are also effective for removing or eliminating warts from the body.

How To Deal With Warts?

wart word cloudsDoctors recommend common warts treatments to get rid of them more easily. 

Some doctors prescribe wart removal cream in Pakistan, and it is also considered effective, whereas many doctors advise treatments which include the following:

  • Laser wart removal 
  • Liquid nitrogen ( cryotherapy)
  • TCA skin peel


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