Skin & Anti-ageing

Acne, Anti-ageing, Pigmentation & Scars Available for Membership

Treatments Prices
Aesthetic Consultation Complimentary
Dermatological Consultation 2000
Skin Cleansing
Treatments Prices
Dermaplaning 5,000
Microdermabrasion 5,000
Medical Facial (AHAs /BHAs) 5,500
Glow Hydra (includes microdermabrasion) 10,000
Glow Hydra Ultra+ (includes skin peel) 14,000
White Head Treatment 12,000

Chemical Peel

Treatments Prices
Peel To Reveal Plus* 8,000
Peel To Reveal Intense* 10,000

Micro Needling

Treatments Prices
Micro Needling + PRP 18,000
Micro Needling + SB 20,000
Micro Needling PRP + SB 25,000
Micro RF Micro Needling 30,000
BB Glow with Pigment Only 18,000
BB Glow with Pigment + Serum 20,000


Treatments Prices
Lightening Mesotherapy 12,500
Mesotherapy (PRP + SB) 15,000

Deep Skin (FAT LEVEL)

Treatments Prices
HIFU Jawline (double chin) 25,000
HIFU Full Face 40,000
HIFU Full Neck 25,000
HIFU Half face + Fillers (HD jawline) 95,000

*Price on Consultation
Above prices are exclusive of taxes



Treatments Prices
Glow Skin Drip 15,000
Boost Vitamin Drip 15,000
Immune Boost (plus vitamin b12) 15,000
Energy Boost 15,000
Slimming Drip 15,000

Semi Permanent Makeup

Treatments Prices
Lip Tint 35,000
Eye Brows 35,000

Genital Rejuvenation

Treatments Prices
O Shot 10,000
P Shot 10,000

*Price on Consultation
Above prices are exclusive of taxes

Laser Hair Removal

Treatments Prices
Upper Lip 4,000
Chin & Jawline 5,000
Full Face 7,000
Limbs 9,000
Armpits, Arms, Bikini, Shoulders, Back 10,000 per Area
Ears 3,000
Beardline (with neck / without neck) 6,000/3,000
Full Body Lase 35,000
Half Body Laser 18,000
Face Shave 2,000
Body Shave 5,000



(prices may vary according to needs)

Treatment Prices
Baby Botox / Crows Feet 30,000
Upper Face / Forhead Lines 40,000
Excessive Sweating (Per Area underarms / palms) 35,000
Nefertiti Lift 35,000
Wide Jaw Reduction / Bruxism TMJ 35,000
Migraine / Headache 40,000
Frown Lines 30,000
Dermal Filler / 1ml

(prices may vary according to needs)

Treatment Prices
Facial Lines & Wrinkles / ML (frown) 30,000
Lips / ML 35,000
Temple / ML 30,000
Radiesse Filler / ML 80,000
Bio Filler / ML 25,000
Chin, Cheeks, Jawline Filler 35,000 / Per Area
Under eye Circles / ML 40,000
Non Surgical Nose Job 50,000
Filler Dissolving 9,000
Hand Filler 30,000
Fat Dissolving 20,000
Ellanse Filler 45,000 / per ml – 80,000 / 2ml
Profhilo from 95,000
Stem Cell Therapy Injections 2,50,000
PDO Thread

prices may vary according to needs

Treatment Prices
Smooth Threads / Area / Side from 55,000
Lifting Threads (PDO) Full Face 1,25,0000
Lifting Threads (PDO) Per Pair 30,000
Lifting Threads (PCL) Per Pair 50,000
Full Face Lifting + Dermal Fillers (3ml) from 1,75,000
APTOS Threads 1,25,0000
SILHOUETTE Threads Custom Price
Hair Loss Threads 1,45,0000


Treatment Prices
Consultation Fee 2,000
Mole Removal / Per Area 5,000
Skin Tag Removal / Per Area 5,000
Alopecia 5,000

Hair Loss & Transplant

Treatment Prices
Consultation Fee 1,500
Hair PRP* 15,000
Hair PRP + Hair Booster 20,000
Exosomes Therapy 70,000
Hair Transplant (FUE/BHT)* Custom Price
Steam Cell Injection 250,000
*Price on Consultation

Above prices are exclusive of taxes

Cosmetic Surgery

Treatment Prices
Consultation Fee 2000
Breast Augmentation poc*
Breast Lift poc*
Breast Reduction poc*
Rhinoplasty / Nose Reshaping poc*
Facelift & Necklift poc*
Otoplasty / Ear Reshaping poc*
Browlift poc*
Forehead Lift poc*
Cleft Lip & Plate Repair poc*
Liposuction/Liposculpting poc*
Tummy Tuck poc*
Brazilian Butt Lift poc*
Buttock Augmentation poc*
Thigh Lift poc*
Body Contouring poc*
Arm Lift / Brachioplasty poc*
Gastric Ballon Weight Reduction poc*
Gynecomastia (male breast reduction) poc*
Penile Lengthening poc*
Recircumcision poc*
Hymenoplasty (re-virgin) poc*
Genital Rejuventaion poc*
Scar Revision poc*
Fat Grafting (Micro & Nano) poc*
*Price on Consultation (POC)

Above prices are exclusive of taxes

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