What is Carboxytherapy?

Carboxytherapy, or as it’s formally known, Carbon dioxide therapy. It is the process whereby small amounts of Co2 are injected into the body or superficially under the skin’s surface. Carboxytherapy treatments help enhance the texture and elasticity of the skin; this procedure can oxygenate the skin, leading to brighter and more luminous skin. Carboxytherapy is a natural and safe technique for our bodies. It is appropriate not only for the face but the body as well. The treatment price may differ according to the size of the area treated by carboxytherapy. On the other hand, this treatment is beneficial because it destroys and eliminates fat cells from parts of the body that are very hard to remove. Even their removal is quite difficult using a regular exercise diet. However on the other hand, our bodies naturally originate carbon dioxide, but when injected directly into specific areas, it can boost an increased flow of oxygen, improving circulation. Apart from this increase in oxygen underneath darkened skin can improve blood circulation and new cell production. This treatment not only restores skin to a more natural color but also decreases inflammation, further improving the procedure results. However, the improved circulation and increased collagen production in the treated area work to restore damaged skin.

What Are The Symptoms Of Carboxy Therapy?

  • Stretch Marks
  • Dark under-eye circles
  • Puffy eyes
  • Fat Loss in stubborn areas
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Anti-aging & Skin rejuvenation

Who Should Avoid This Treatment?

Hydrafacial benefits skin in more ways than you can imagine:

  • Pregnant woman
  • Diabetes patients with advanced stages
  • Breastfeeding woman
  • Blood clotting disorders
  • Patients with dialysis or kidney failure
  • Chemotherapy or cancer patients

Why Carboxy Therapy Is Effective Treatment?

This treatment includes injections of carbon dioxide (CO2) to enhance oxygenation and circulation to help restore the skin and provide a smoother texture. It makes a face look healthier and more rested. This treatment is painless and minimally invasive for the patient. Whereas, Carboxy Therapy involves a series of small injections with an excellent needle being made to the area of concern. Moreover, When carboxytherapy is used to treat stretch marks and scars, it’s relatively painless.

Advantages Of Carboxy Therapy?

Hydrafacial benefits skin in more ways than you can imagine:

  • Improves the elasticity of the skin
  • Reduces cellulite and localized fat
  • Improves collagen production

Are There Any Side Effects Of Carboxytherapy?

Carboxytherapy is a relatively safe treatment with almost no risks or side effects. However, patients may have bruising at the injection area. Hence, bruising will go away within a week. People who get the treatment for fat reduction or cellulite should avoid swimming or bathtubs. A patient can resume their normal activities immediately.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Procedures Are Needed For Effective Results?

The number of procedures you need depends on the severity of your skin condition.

What Causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are caused by growth or rapid weight changes. Stretch marks will go away with time, but they do not disappear completely. Stretch marks can also be because of hormonal changes, pregnancy, and bodybuilding.

How Safe Is Carboxytherapy?

Carboxy Therapy has become popular in today’s world because it is a safe, minimally invasive procedure to rejuvenate the skin.

Price Of Carboxytherapy At Glow & Go

The treatment price may differ according to the size of the area treated by carboxytherapy.

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Glow & Go Pakistan has a team of specialists who have profound experience in all kinds of aesthetic treatments located in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad. The doctors in our aesthetic clinic use techniques that are suitable only to your needs and preferences and the goal is to make you look and feel better.