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What Is Chin Filler?

Chin enhancement is a treatment that will change or improve the shape of your chin. The chin is a defining facial feature. A strong chin and contoured jawline are often associated with youth and beauty. Dermal fillers are the non-surgical procedure available to reshape your chin which means that they have the least risk and require minimal downtime.

Our skin care clinic’s best dermatologists offer chin filler treatment in Lahore and Islamabad, and other skin rejuvenation treatments with safety & quality at the heart of our services.

Moreover, the shape of your chin will be designed in such a way that suits your profile and your requirements. A chin filler can assist in balancing your face and give facial symmetry. This can make you feel more confident. Chin fillers get injected into the chin area of the skin. They give volume to your chin. The process of chin augmentation with fillers includes the injection of hyaluronic acid gels to rejuvenate areas of lost volume.

Chin filler treatment is a popular procedure in which a weak chin is augmented, enhanced, and transforms your facial shape. Filler in the chin area can also help smooth out chin dimpling or creases. 

Usually, 1 ml chin filler is used for this non-surgical treatment to give shape and structure to the chin area. Chin injection filler can also reduce the look of a double chin without any surgery. Moreover, chin filler cost usually depends on the amount of filler needed for better chin definition.

How Does A Chin Filler Treatment Work?

When fillers are injected, dermal fillers work to add volume and definition to the chin. The entire procedure is quick and easy. Chin filler injections will help to lift and volumize the selected area to bring back lost shape while smoothing out lines, sagging, and wrinkles treatment in the procedure.

Who Is A Appropriate Candidate For This Procedure?

Chin fillers are ideal for combating jawbone shrinkage, jowls, and saggy necks. People suffering from these issues are the ideal candidate for chin treatment. Apart from this, people should be in good health, should not have any kind of allergies or medical issues, should not smoke, and be able to take proper care of their skin after treatment. This procedure is ideal for you if you would like to change the size, shape, length of your chin.

Difference Between Chin Filler & Chin Implants?

Surgical and Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation procedures differ in terms of recovery time, risks, and the investment of time and money. However, Chin enhancement with dermal fillers is the better procedure in our view.


After chin filler treatment, there is no recovery time associated with a chin filler procedure, so you can instantly return to your daily activities. In a few cases, you may experience some bruising, tenderness, and swelling at the injection site, which will end quickly.

Benefits Of Chin Fillers Treatment?

There are many advantages for selecting chin fillers, including:

  • Minimal Downtime
  • Chin fillers are usually safe and have few side effects
  • Temporary but the long-lasting procedure
  • Natural results with improved facial features
  • Prevent early signs of aging
  • Easy and quick procedure
  • Addresses an undefined jawline and recessive chin
  • Boost confidence
  • It is less expensive compared to a chin implant
  • Non-surgical treatment- A great technique to balance your face’s features with no surgery
  • Chin Filler is a reversible treatment


  • Chin Augmentation (1ml) Rs.35k

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Chin Enhancement Treatment Before and After

Chin Filler Treatment

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Chin Filler Treatment Take To Work?

Results may be visible instantly but will continue to improve over the following 6 to 8 weeks.

How Long Does Chin Filler Usually Last?

Results may differ depending on the patient and treatment goals but typically last 9 to 12 months. We recommend repeat treatments to maintain results. The longevity of your results depends on various factors, which include metabolism, lifestyle, and genetics.

Are There Any Side Effects To Be Mindful Of?

Dermal fillers are usually regarded as safe to use, with a low risk of side effects and complications. When side effects occur, they are generally minimal and only last a few days; these side effects include:

  • Bleeding
  • Minor Bruising Swelling
  • Redness is normal

Is Chin Filler A Painful Procedure?

Chin fillers are usually painless, but if you select a skilled and experienced doctor. Whereas your doctor will take steps to reduce the pain. While the dermatologist injects the filler, you may experience some pain; this will only last a few minutes. However, there will be some tenderness and swelling in the chin after the treatment. This swelling will go down within 24-48 hours.

Why Should You Get Chin Filler?

Chin filler gives a lifted and contoured look immediately once the injection has been applied. The procedure is also well known for its long-lasting effects; however, patients experience effective results 9-12 months after chin and jawline filler.

Why Glow & Go?

Glow & Go Pakistan has a team of skin specialists who have profound experience in all kinds of aesthetic treatments located in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad. The doctors in our aesthetic clinic use techniques that are suitable only to your needs and preferences and the goal is to make you look and feel better.