What Are Stubborn Fat Deposits?

Sometimes, there are some problematic areas where it is hard to lose excess weight. Whereas, Genetics and hormonal fluctuations can be the cause of this unwanted fat. The creation of stubborn pockets of fat is a common issue for various individuals.

Our skin care clinic’s best dermatologists offer the best treatment for stubborn fat deposits in Lahore and Islamabad with other skin rejuvenation treatments with safety & quality at the heart of our services.

Areas Where Stubborn Fat Deposits Can Develop:

There are many areas where unwanted or stubborn fat deposits can be formed. These areas include:

  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Back
  • Tummy
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Stomach
  • Knees

Causes Of Stubborn Fat Deposits?

Stubborn fat occurs due to many reasons. The main ones are listed below.

  • Genetic
  • Diet
  • Lifestyle

Best Treatment For Stubborn Fat Deposits

The non-surgical fat reduction includes minimally invasive procedures that selectively break down fat cells in particular areas to decrease the size of fat deposits. To help patients target stubborn fat with little or no downtime, Glow & Go Pakistan has advanced cosmetic technologies and expert staff which offers the best quality services to its patients. Our staff is highly trained in administering these procedures.


Liposuction is a non-invasive treatment that is used to help patients to eradicate stubborn fat. Fat reduction procedures like liposuction provide a safe and effective outcome for decreasing stubborn fat in individuals who live healthy, active lifestyles but cannot get rid of a hard bulge. Whereas, Apart from this, there are various benefits of this treatment; for example, there is no downtime needed after the procedure, and there are most minor side effects. Patients generally do not suffer any discomfort during the treatment. Usually, the procedure can last anywhere from one to three hours, which depends on the parts being treated. Apart from this, no anesthesia is needed. Thus it is considered a safe and effective treatment.

Lipolysis Injection

The injection lipolysis is a gentle and helpful technique for the targeted reduction of small fat deposits. This treatment choice for some problem areas has worked nicely for years. It is the most effective method to remove fat pads and dimples without surgery, without anesthesia, scars, and time off.


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Stubborn Fat Deposits

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Stubborn Fat Deposits Treatments A Good Choice?

Non-surgical procedures can be an excellent choice to decrease isolated pockets of diet and exercise-resistant fat without surgery and, interestingly, with very little to no downtime.

What Measures Should Be Taken After Treatment?

No cosmetic treatment, surgical or non-surgical, is aimed for weight loss. Procedures will not considerably change a patient’s weight, and a healthy lifestyle and weight maintenance are essential to sustain results.

Is Lipolysis Injection Safe And Effective?

Injection lipolysis is highly effective and safe.

When Will The Results Be Visible After Lipolysis Injection Treatment?

A typical treatment regime spans over six weeks of one injection per treatment area a week. The best results are only visible after the fourth or fifth treatment.

Why Glow & Go?

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