What Are Warts?

Warts, or verruca, are a prevalent, harmless skin infection caused by a virus. However, Warts are generally skin-colored but can also be a darker brown. Moreover, they are also contagious, and they quickly spread from the hands or feet to other body parts if they are not adequately treated. Warts can be prevented from spreading if picking, biting, or scratching is avoided. Warts are small, harmless growths that usually appear on the hands and feet. Sometimes they look flat and smooth. Typically small, round and hard, warts are caused by an infection from human papillomavirus (HPV). The chances of getting one can increase significantly due to regular use of public showers and baths, working with meat, eczema, or a low immune system.

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Human Papillomavirus (HPV) causes warts, which are a kind of skin growth. The virus may readily penetrate the top layer of the skin; hence it usually develops on broken skin. Warts can appear on any body area and spread to other parts, thus demanding wart treatment. Skin wart treatment may include cryotherapy, deep skin peels or laser skin warts removal.

What Are The Causes Of Warts??

Warts are contagious and mainly caused when you pick at your warts and then touch another part of your body. Another thing like using towels or razors which have touched a wart on your body or on someone else’s also spread warts.

Types Of Warts?

  • Filiform warts: they are small skin tags. They are visible on areas that include eyelids and around the nose and mouth.
  • Common warts: this looks like rough bumps on the skin. They mostly appear on the back of fingers, toes, and knees.
  • Plantar warts: appear on the soles of the feet. They are considered painful and can grow very big.
  • Flat warts: They may appear on the face. They look like small flat, smooth bumps.

How To Prevent Warts?

The most effective way to avoid getting warts is to

  • Avoid coming into contact with someone else’s warts.
  • Avoid touching warts as they spread very quickly.
  • Cover your wart
  • Wash your hands straight away after touching the wart
  • Avoid shaving over a wart
  • Avoid touching someone’s wart
  • Use your towel, razor, and other items

Warts Are Harmful Or Not?

Warts are non-cancerous and do not pose a severe threat to your health. Most importantly, As they are contagious, warts should be treated to prevent spreading to other parts of the body or other people. Additionally, to being cosmetically undesirable, warts can also be painful at times.

How Are Warts Removed?

Warts can be removed in numerous ways depending on the wart’s size and the number of warts a patient has. Most often, warts will be removed using cryotherapy. For stubborn or hard-to-treat warts, laser treatments may be an appropriate treatment.

What Treatments Do Glow & Go Offer For Wart Removal?

  • Laser
  • Liquid nitrogen(cryotherapy)
  • TCA skin peel


  • Wart Removal: Upon Consultation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Avoid Getting This Treatment?

The procedure for warts cannot be easy and effective for some people, especially pregnant, who have allergies and excessive risk of infection. Moreover, some people are not able to tolerate the pain associated with these treatments.

What Is It Important To Treat Warts?

It is very important to remove warts because they are contagious, and they quickly spread from the hands or feet to other body parts if they are not adequately treated.

How Much Time Is Required For Recovery?

Once the wart treatment is finished, it takes approximately a few days to a couple of weeks, depending upon the type and intensity of the treatment. Moreover, the side effects like blistering, swelling, and pain can take about four to five days for Recovery.

Is This A Permanent Treatment?

Interestingly, the treatment of warts can have permanent results. However, one may need many sessions to achieve the desired results depending on the patient’s conditions.

Why Is It Important To Remove Warts?

It is essential to remove warts because they are also contagious, so they quickly spread from the hands or feet to other body parts if they are not adequately treated.

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